We provide annual accounts for both Limited Companies and the self employed.

For Limited Companies there is a requirement to file accounts with Companies House and HMRC within 9 months of the company year end. We will prepare these for clients, go through them if required at a meeting or over the phone and then when the client is happy we can electronically file with Companies House. We are also able to deal with other filings to Companies House as required. Once the accounts are accepted by Companies House we will also file with HMRC as part of the corporation tax process providing HMRC with the tagging they require. We also deal with any queries from HMRC for our clients by becoming their agent at HMRC.

For the self employed there is no requirement to produce formal accounts as well as a tax return. However we do prepare them as part of our tax work as in our experience they are easier to read than the tax return and so can give our clients a good picture of how their business is doing. Accounts are also useful for clients when applying for a mortgage our re-mortgage or other situations where they need to prove their income.